Lakshmidevi Temple – A Hidden Gem!

In one of my previous blogs, I mentioned that Karnataka is my favourite state and that I have been there many times. In one of many multiple visits there, I stumbled upon this magnificent temple!

Tucked in the quaint village of Doddagaddavalli, district Hassan of Karnataka lies a yet-undiscovered Hoysala Dynasty jewel, the “Lakshmi Devi temple”. Built during the reign of King Vishnuvardhan of the mighty Hoysala Empire in c. 1114 C.E., this temple uniquely houses four deities in four separate shrines with a common prayer hall or mandapa. Such temple structures are known as “chatuskuta”, where “chatuh” means four and “kuta” means shrines.

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Europe of My Dreams

“What one learns in a classroom is just a very small part of the learning process. The real learning starts when one crosses borders and travels miles to get knowledge”

Exactly five years ago, I and my friend along with a few students of mine embarked on the trip of our lifetime to visit some of the topmost universities in Europe. As a part of our 10-day educational tour, we visited the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, London, and SciencesPo (Paris) interacting with the Faculty Members, eminent Professors, Research Scholars, and Students.

To date, it all feels like a dream. Something from another lifetime. Something I miss every day. Something I want to go back to, every year. It was a trip of my dreams. Here’s an attempt to capture the dream in words and memories!

Each day as exciting and fun as the last! Hope you guys enjoy reading it just as much…

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The Clock Towers of Mumbai

Mumbai is a city where everyone mindlessly rushes around. Going about their monotonous routines, everyone is time-bound toward some other place or thing. For a city that is constantly stuck to the hands of a clock, it’s no wonder that we find a good number of Clock Towers!

These historic Clock Towers of Mumbai have been ticking away modestly, watching the rapidly changing city and the ever-busy Mumbaikar. Perhaps it is time for us to slow down a little, catch a break and stroll along with these clock towers of Mumbai.

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Kulaba Fort – Maratha Naval Base at Alibaug

“Still around the corner, they may wait, a new road or a secret gate” – JRR Tolkien

It’s true what they say, unplanned trips always work out the best! My trip to Alibug with my school friends was perhaps my only truly unplanned trip till now. More than a decade ago armed with just a travel booklet, we took a ferry from Apollo Bunder, Mumbai (The Gateway of India) to Mandva, Alibaug. An hour-long ferry and a short bus ride later we reached a hostel that we picked out of the travel booklet.

Alibaug is a coastal town in Maharashtra that has many celebrated historic places. Out of all, the one that fascinated me the most was the sea fort of Kulaba.

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Gudhi Padwa – Of Auspicious Beginnings and Victories!

As the sun gives light, sensibility brings compassion, and flowers give pleasant fragrance, May the New Year be auspicious!

Gudhi Padwa is celebrated on the first day of the Chaitra maas of the Shalivahan Shaka Era (Indian National Calendar) to mark the beginning of the New Year according to the lunisolar Hindu almanac. This day also celebrates the creation of the universe by Lord Brahma, the creator, and the return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya after completing 14 years of exile!

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Iti Haas: as it happened!

History, an elementary narration of a labyrinthine past! How I love this subject…The sheer multitude of complex past stories and their implications in our present lives is something that just overwhelms me.

There are times when I get lost in the “What ifs” and start imagining the alternative realities. What if the major events that moulded the world as we know it today never happened? How would our present be?

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